Help Give This MeVideo Travel Video Tripod Life

I came across the most awesome travel tripod I’ve ever seen, hands down. Unfortunately, it’s a Kickstarter project only halfway to its goal with just 15 days left. The MeVideo travel video tripod, called the Globetrotter, is well-made and durable, and yet it’s lightweight and compact. It collapses down to 21.9 inches. Then it extends out to 65.7 inches. The fluid video head supports cameras as heavy as 8.8 pounds. It will not, however, support a smartphone without an adapter. This tripod is meant for heavier videography equipment, but a standard tripod smartphone adapter will work just fine with it. The Globetrotter weighs from six to 6.6 pounds, depending on whether you get carbon fiber or aluminum legs. This tripod provides improved pan, tilt, and counterbalance performance compared to its closest competitors. It also features dust and dirt resistant metal/rubber twist locks rather than plastic flip latches. The edging is brushed metal and all knobs are metal. A split center column is perfect for those low-to-the-ground shots. Yes, a review of the MeVideo Globetrotter video travel tripod is forthcoming.

Check It Out: Help Give This MeVideo Travel Video Tripod Life

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