Legit Jetpack Testflight Filmed with iPhone 6s

OK, we don’t have flying cars yet, but jetpacks seem to be closer than ever. Check out this video from JetPack Aviation showing CEO and Chief Test Pilot David Mayman testing out the company’s JB10 jetpack. The flight took place on October 1st in Monaco. Come on, how cool is that? The firm said it was filmed on an iPhone 6s, too.[Via Digg]

Check It Out: Legit Jetpack Testflight Filmed with iPhone 6s

One thought on “Legit Jetpack Testflight Filmed with iPhone 6s

  • OK shot on an iPhone6 that’s fine.

    But the real important part is this is an actual jet pack. Not superheated steam with a 34 second flight time. Not a high pressure water pump and limited to 20 feet above a lake only it’s an actual free flying bloody jet pack. Queue The Ride of the Valkyries and a hundred guys with these flying over the beach to capture the enemies stronghold. Queue the burning building and the fireman with one of these flying up to the window to save the trapped kid. I mean this might actually be useful.

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