Macphun thinks photo editing and enhancement tools should fit your needs instead of forcing you to bend to their will. That’s the idea behind Luminar—Macphun’s new Mac-based image editing app. Luminar is loaded with pro-level photo adjusting tools designed to make your images look great, but instead of locking you into an interface that’s too simple or too complex for your needs, it’s designed to show you what you want based on your skill level and editing style. Luminar is available for pre-order today through November 17th for US$59, or $49 if you already own another Macphun product. It’ll settle into its regular $69 price when it ships on the 17th.

Check It Out: Luminar Brings Pro Image Editing to the Mac with an Adaptive Interface

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  1. paikinho

    I am jumping to Capture One. They supposedly have a robust migration tool to import all of Aperatures changes and settings to photos and allegedly their RAW processing is superior. I used to use Lightroom 2 and 3 but then moved to Aperture which I have preferred overall, but now I have needed to think about it again with the demise of Aperture. Capture One seems like it could be a great solution.

    One thing that stuck in the back of my mind is that one time I decided to go with Capture One is that Lightroom really messed up my library at one point and I had to start over again by re-importing everything again.
    This has resulted in the vast mess in my Photo Library now. I have to get a handle on it before migrating to anything else.

    I can’t say how the management portion of Capture One and I am planing to clean up my photos in Aperture using Apertures Management tools. The process may take a couple of months from now through the holidays before I feel comfortable making the jump to Capture One entirely.

  2. MarcusNewton

    This seems like a really nice app, I will check it out.

    Also, what is everyone using to organize their photos? I really liked Aperture’s method of organizing and storing photos. Did everyone just jump ship to Lightroom? Is there any other choice other then Lightroom?

    Please don’t say Photos, I am desperate to get away from the Photos app.

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