Check out Justin, a robot designed by German space agency DLR (via Wired). Justin is pretty special, starting with the fact that he was designed to make housing and other buildings on Mars. He’s powered by AI that allows him to do things he hasn’t been programmed to do, and he has three fingers and a thumb, each with eight joints, allowing him to handle a wide variety of tools. He can clean and maintain machinery, and in a recent test repaired a solar panel in minutes. Justin can also lift 31 pounds with each arm, which will go even further on Mars, which has a lower gravity. Oh, and he can make coffee and tee, thank you. Wired has more, and it’s very interesting.

Check It Out: This Robot Is Named Justin, and He’s Going to Build Houses on Mars

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  1. geoduck

    Not with those wheels he isn’t. My company makes robotic vehicles for rough terrain. We use rubberized caterpillar tracks. They go through everything. Those wheels will just bog down in the sand.

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