‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ is ‘Serial’ With a Tech Twist

‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ is ‘Serial’ With a Tech Twist

Dr. Ruja was a business superstar who sold out arenas when she spoke. Leading a cryptocurrency firm called Onecoin, she promised to change her investors’ lives and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Then, suddenly, she disappeared. Journalist and author Jamie Bartlett, an expert in the darkest parts of the internet, tried to uncover what happened for this impeccably produced podcast, The Missing Cryptoqueen. Like Serial, I was gripped from episode 1, totally invested in finding out what happened. It is one of the best non-news podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. The podcast was produced by the BBC and is available via the BBC Sounds app or Apple Podcasts.

Check It Out: ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ is ‘Serial’ With a Tech Twist

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