There’s a tool called Vinyl Buddy that is used to clean vinyl records. But it can also be used to clean your Mac’s screen. Mac Geek Gab listener Everett says this is what Apple uses to clean iMac screens by getting the dust off the inside of the screen when reassembling them after repair. And others have confirmed. Instead of using a microfiber cloth, try this tool. It’s a small roller that attracts dust and other small debris. Once it’s full of dust, you just rinse it under running water and use it again. I’m guessing it’s an electrostatic effect because the roller doesn’t have any sort of adhesive on it. You could also try it on your iPhone or iPad, although it might not remove fingerprints. And of course, like the name suggests, it can pick up dust from in between the grooves of vinyl records. We found the tool on Amazon for US$14.99.

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