Uber’s Bad News Now Includes a Ride that Ended in a Fireball

Uber has been delivering punishing, but self-inflicted wounds for weeks now. This week, the company can add the bad PR of a ride that ended in a fireball. A literal fireball. Firstly, the Uber driver in the car shown below—and his passenger—walked away with minor injuries. Secondly, the driver of a car hit moments before—and not shown in this video—did receive more serious injuries, according to local TV station KOMONews. The video below was captured by surveillance cameras when the Uber driver came speeding through a Seattle gas station, striking a gas pump and causing a fireball. On a side note, how amazing is gas station technology that the whole place didn’t go up in flames? Uber wanted folks to know this particular driver has been removed from its app. So there’s that.

Check It Out: Uber’s Bad News Now Includes a Ride that Ended in a Fireball

One thought on “Uber’s Bad News Now Includes a Ride that Ended in a Fireball

  • Bryan,
    Gas pumps have automatic shut-offs underneath the dispenser that will lock out the dispenser from the underground tank. Dislodging the dispenser activates a spring-loaded shut-off, similar to (but not identical to) the breakaways on the hoses for those who forget the nozzle in their car and drive away. So the flames you see is from the gas left inside the dispenser and that left in the hose. It makes a great video but if the system is implemented properly that is a far as it gets. Cars may go up in smoke but the stored fuel is mostly safe. (Well, that is code in most states – I can’t comment on all states.)

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