Our own Dr. Mac created a public service announcement he calls, “Why not having an offsite backup is not an option…” It’s 90 seconds long and makes an excellent point,  so ignore it at your own peril…

Check It Out: Why not having an offsite backup is not an option…

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  1. webjprgm

    The downside of cloud offsite backup is (1) cost, (2) NSA paranoia. So what I do is back up a smaller portion of my data that would be devastating if I lost it. The rest is on normal hard drive backups where one of them is kept in a fireproof box elsewhere in the house. So my backup has a pretty good chance of surviving some disasters, but if not, at least the most important things can be recovered. I really don’t need my 8th grade homework, after all. (And yet I keep it …)

    If a nuclear holocaust hit my house I probably wouldn’t care about much of anything anymore.

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