Environmentally-Friendly High-Tech (Paper) Notebook

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Dr. Mac says when he first heard about Rocketbook, a line of “endlessly reusable digital notebooks,” he was sure that “environmentally friendly high-tech notebook” was an oxymoron akin to “jumbo shrimp” or “exact estimate.”

After trying them, he admits he was wrong.

Don't Lose a Bit (or Byte) of Precious Data in 2019

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Dr. Mac’s Rants & Raves Episode #313 World Backup Day isn’t until March 31, but I didn’t want this public service announcement to wait that long: You are going to lose every file on your Mac’s hard and/or solid state drive(s) if those files have not been backed up. – Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus  Notice how…

A Farewell to Macworld Expo

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Dr. Mac explains why he gets nostalgic about Macworld Expo at this time of year as he reflects on some of his favorite moments at the show.