Apple Brings RCS Support to iOS 18

RCS Support to iOS 18

Apple finally announced support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging with iOS 18 during its WWDC 2024 Conference. This marks a significant shift, as iPhones have previously relied on SMS and MMS for texting, while Android devices have embraced RCS for richer features.

RCS support will significantly improve the iOS-Android messaging experience. It brings higher quality media, read receipts, and larger file size limits, addressing long-standing frustrations for users on both platforms and bridging the communication gap.

Is RCS Coming to iOS 18?

Yes, iOS will have RCS support. Here’s what iPhone (and non-iPhone) users can expect.

  1. High-Quality Images and Video: With RCS support you no longer have to worry about pixelated images and videos.
  2. Enhanced Messaging Features: Similar to iMessage, you can also enjoy features like delivery and read receipts.

Following the WWDC keynote, Apple shared the first look at RCS implemented in the messaging app.

Considering the image above, it seems that Apple has not yet removed the green bubble indicating that you are texting Android users. A major difference, however, is that you can now see the Delivered status even when messaging non-iPhone users. Moreover, the text box now says Text Message RCS.

Overall, Apple’s adoption of RCS represents a major step towards a more unified messaging experience.

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