‘Your Apple ID Is Missing Age Information’ Error [Solved]

  • Check your Tracking permissions via Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking.
  • ATT allows you to enable or disable specific apps tracking your information.
  • A new Apple ID may need to wait 1-3 days to enable ATT.

Are you receiving an error saying, “This setting cannot be changed because your Apple ID is missing age information”? You’ll likely see it while configuring App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a feature that limits the information third parties collect from your iPhone. Considering ATT is also important when using age-restricted apps, let’s take a look at fixing this situation.

While Apple has been quiet regarding this potential bug, it seems plenty of users online are receiving this error, even when their age information is correct. While it may be a bug in the software, nothing is currently confirmed. Nonetheless, there are still solutions for you to try.

Note icon NOTE
Apple introduced ATT with iOS 14.5. Be sure to install the latest version of iOS before continuing.

Log Out of Apple ID Via Media & Purchases

Time needed: 1 minute

One user within the Apple Support community notes that you can enable ATT by signing out of your Apple ID through Media & Purchases. Note that this is different from the typical way you would expect to sign out of your Apple ID. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Settings and click Your Name at the top of the list.

    Cant Clear Safari History Tap Your Name

  2. Select Media & Purchases.

    Media and Purchase option

  3. Tap Sign Out. Confirm your decision.

  4. You can repeat these steps to log in again.

Force Restart iPhone

For some folks, a simple force restart is all they need to get ATT working again. Note that it may be a good idea to pair this solution with the solution above.

  1. First, press and quickly release the Volume Up button on your iPhone.
  2. Then, press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side Button until the Apple logo appears.
    Video Scrubbing Not Working iOS 17 Force Restart iPhone
  4. If you’re using an older model iPhone, check our guide here.

Add Your Apple ID Information

Remember that a user needs to be 18 or older to enable ATT. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct age information associated with your Apple ID. Just like the first solution, perform a force restart after updating your information.

  1. Navigate to Settings and click Your Name.
    Cant Clear Safari History Tap Your Name
  2. Tap Personal Information.
  3. Tap Birthday and select your date from the calendar. Tap Done when finished.

If none of these answers are working for you, it may be time to contact Apple Support. If you’re using Tracking for gaming, you may also want to know about the best emulators currently on iOS.

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