7 Best PSP Games for iOS: The Ultimate List for Gamers

Best PSP Games for iOS

Remember the epic adventures you had playing PSP games for hours on end? Sadly, a working console is rare nowadays, and only a few shops offer repairs and parts replacements. Instead of hunting down pre-owned units in good condition, there’s a much faster way to revisit classic titles: downloading iOS emulators.

With a compatible emulator, you can easily run game ISO files on your iPhone and relive your favorites as a kid. What’s more, these emulators support a range of options. Here are seven classics that will transport you back to your gaming prime.

Note icon NOTE
There are two heavy-hitting PSP emulators available on iPhone. You’ll find both on the App Store—there’s no need to jailbreak your device.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is hands-down one of the best tactical RPGs ever made. Multiple aspects of the game will keep you hooked, such as intricate storytelling, strategic turn-based combat, and deep character customization. Let’s talk about each one in detail:

Battle System

One of the major parts of the game is the grid-based battle. The command of your unit will face the enemy. Since the battle is turn-based, players must plan their moves and anticipate enemy actions.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Source: YouTube

As mentioned, every team member in your unit is placed at a different height and position—placement plays a critical role when attacking the enemy. Furthermore, you are given a set amount of action points (AP) that you can use to move, attack, or execute abilities.

Character Development

The heart of this game is its Job system. Characters are able to switch between 20 different jobs to create specialized units or well-rounded hybrids.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions PSP
Source: YouTube

Similarly, every character gets experience points corresponding to the battle they fight, more challenging bouts will help you level up faster. These factors collectively lead to in-depth character development.

Side Quests and Multiplayer Mode

Apart from the main storyline, the game has multiple side quests. They’re an optional yet fast way to get extra rewards and other rare items, which might help with your next battle.

Multiplayer mode also makes the game more interesting. Why play alone when you can team up with your friends to defeat the enemy? Alternatively, you can opt to play against them to make things more competitive.

2. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is another favorite. The game combines complex storytelling with stealth action gameplay. You take up the role of Big Boss (Naked Snake), who leads the mercenary group Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF).

Throughout the game, you’ll see snaps of comic-style sequences by artist Ashley Wood that enhance the overall experience.

Mission and Side-Ops

The game offers a mission-based structure along with other smaller missions to gather resources and recruit soldiers.

Best PSP games for ios
Source: YouTube

The main mission revolves around the game’s central narrative, which includes infiltration and rescue operations as well as large-scale battles against enemy vehicles. Similarly, the side ops lets you try different strategies every time, making this PSP game worth playing multiple times.

Stealth and Combat

This is the heart of the game. Ir encourages you to try different combat mechanics, e.g., utilizing camouflage techniques to blend in with the surroundings, executing close counter techniques, or capturing enemies for information.

Metal Gear Solid
Source: YouTube

There’s also an array of weapons and armor to choose from. You’ll be equipped with pistols, rocket launchers, and tranquilizer guns, among other weapons. Learning to utilize them gives you an upper hand in combat.

Co-op Multiplayer Mode

You can invite your friends to attack enemies and execute complex strategies. This mode allows you to share your health packs, ammo, and weapons.

3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War is a game that I have played on almost every platform it has ever been released. Ghost of Sparta, which dropped back in 2010, continues the story of Kratos and his journey to uncover his past and rescue his brother Deimo. Anyone who has played any version of this PSP game will know how amazing every aspect is, from the storyline to the gameplay mechanics.

Storyline and Characters

As mentioned, the narrative will keep you hooked, almost like you were in a movie. You will encounter characters from Greek mythology such as Thanatos, the God of Death, and King Midas.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Source: YouTube

The story revolves around Kratos uncovering everything about this life. Despite the action-packed trailers and posters, this title isn’t just about combat and killing. It has an emotional backstory guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

Combat and Other Mechanics

Kratos still wields his iconic weapon: the Blades of Athena. Apart from this, you’ll also have access to a diverse arsenal of weapons for close-quarters and long-range combat. You’re free to explore any piece you want. But if you want a solid starting point, look for ways to acquire the Arms of Sparta (spear and shield combo) and Eye of Atlantis.

God of War
Source: YouTube

Playing with an emulator on iOS can be challenging during combats but once you get the hang of it, it’s thrilling and engaging.

4. GTA: Vice City Stories

It’s one of the most underrated titles in the GTA franchise, but I am sure many of you will agree when I say it’s definitely worth revisiting. This game takes you back to the neon-lit streets and sun-soaked beaches of Vice City in the 1980s. Nostalgia hits hard whenever you play this game. The GTA series has always offered a unique experience that mixed criminal drama and personal ambition.

Storyline and Gameplay

Well, the game revolves around the life story of Vic Vance, a polarizing character going through moral and ethical struggles. Not only him, there are several other memorable characters that contribute to the vibrant and chaotic world of Vice City.

Source: YouTube

This isn’t like your usual combat or defeating enemies kind of game. The entirety of Vice City is at your disposal, and you’ll find hundreds of things to do. You can ride taxis and earn money, take on paramedic missions, do vigilante tasks, buy weapons, drive around stolen cars, or even just beat up strangers. There is so much to do, so you’ll never get bored.

Graphics and Sound

This title delivers an immersive audio-visual experience, accurately capturing the essence of the 1980s. It has beaches, retro neighborhoods, palm trees, and old-school architecture, among other identifiers.

5. Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Tekken: Dark Resurrection may have been released back in 2006, but it remains a cherished memory from my childhood. To be able to play this again on my iPhone is a dream come true. The Tekken series is known for its intrinsic, complex fighting mechanics and diverse range of playable characters, each offering unique skills.

Game Basics and Characters

Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Source: YouTube

If it’s your first time launching Tekken, you’ll have the option to run a tutorial. A quick demonstration will help you learn how to use the controls and perform basic actions, e.g., punches and kicks.

The main menu is easy to navigate and has a list of options to choose from such as Arcade Battle, Story Battle, Tekken Dojo, Network, and Practice. Speaking of playable characters, there are 30+ to choose from. Each has unique moves, skills, fighting styles, and backstories.

Combat and Gaming Mode

Combats are the heart of the game. If you choose the Story Battle and start with Eddy. Then, before each battle, the game will feature a small backstory about the character. They’ll do a quick demonstration of their special skills.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection psp
Source: YouTube

The game maintains the signature 3D fighting mechanics where the player can move in all directions, throw punches, kicks, and even fight combos.

6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I remember playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on my PSP when I was just 10 years old. This is one of the best versions of the Star Wars series and is highly underrated. I still enjoy playing the game using an emulator on my iPhone.

Game Basics and Mission

The game initially starts with you playing Darth Vader in Kashyyyk, the franchise antagonist who is on a mission to eliminate Jedi survivors. Note that this is only a tutorial to help you understand the basics.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Source: YouTube

The core gameplay starts when you play the role of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. The story follows Starkiller’s evolution from a ruthless apprentice to a conflicted warrior questioning his master’s motives.

As you progress through, there are multiple missions you will come across that continue the storyline. After every mission, you will have a boss battle with powerful enemies such as a Rogue Jedi.

Combat System

The game centers around the use of the Force i.e., Force Push, Force Lightning, and Force Grip. You can even upgrade these powers for more impactful damage.

Star Wars- The Force Unleashed psp
Source: YouTube

Starkiller wields a lightsaber with, which he can use to perform combos, counters, and finishing moves. You can even combine the Force powers with Lightsaber attacks for devastating combos.

7. Patapon

If you are looking for something unique and far from traditional combat games, Patapon is here. The game combines rhythmic music gameplay with real-time strategy elements.

Rhythm and Commands

The game starts with the first mission as a tutorial, where you will learn the rhythm-based commands and how they work in the game. Using a simple button, you will create four specific commands.

Source: YouTube

For example, Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon (Square, Square, Square, Circle) to move forward, and Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon (Circle, Circle, Square, Circle) to attack.

The key here is to maintain the rhythm as this builds a combo meter that enhances the Patapons’ effectiveness in battle.

Missions and Sound Track

Each mission serves the purpose of defeating enemies, collecting resources, or reaching a particular location. You can trigger the Fever Mode in the game that activates if you continuously hit the right rhythm making the Patapons even more powerful.

Patapon psp
Source: YouTube

The soundtrack here is an integral part of the game. Each command you make responds to a certain rhythmic beat. It is indeed very catchy and kind of addictive too.

These are some of the best games I have played on PSP, and I still play them on my iPhone every day. The graphics may look a bit old, but they’re super fun to play, and the nostalgia makes everything better.

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