Pairing Your Gadgets Will Be Easier in iOS 18

When Apple’s AirPods came out, it changed how we connect wireless headphones to our iPhones and iPads. Now, iOS 18 is bringing that same experience to other devices with the introduction of AccessorySetupKit.

AccessorySetupKit is a new API (application programming interface) for developers that eases the pairing process for third-party accessories.

Here’s how it works: think of it as bringing your new wireless headphones near your iPhone running iOS 18. Instead of going to settings, a pop-up will appear on your screen, prompting you to confirm pairing. With a single tap, the system will handle everything behind the scenes, automatically connecting your headphones or anything else via Bluetooth and granting any necessary permissions, like how it happens with AirPods.

AccessorySetupKit also benefits developers by allowing them to integrate a more user-friendly pairing flow into their apps.

There are a few things to keep in mind.

  • AccessorySetupKit is currently in beta testing, so you won’t see it working with all your accessories just yet.
  • Both the accessory apps and the devices themselves might require updates to use this new feature.

AccessorySetupKit is a win-win for both users and accessory makers. Users benefit from a simpler and more intuitive pairing process, while developers can offer a more streamlined experience that keeps users engaged with their products.

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