Best PS2 Emulators for iOS No Jailbreak Required

  • Currently, there are no PS2 emulators in the Apple App Store.
  • It’s like that a PS2 emulator will run poorly on your iPhone, and you may have a hard time downloading the large files.
  • This article does not link to ROMs, which you will have to find on your own.

Want the best PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator on your iPhone but don’t want to jailbreak your device? Although limited, you have some options. Without jailbreaking, many folks are likely to be stuck, but good things are hopefully on the horizon. While I’m not certain you’ll currently be able to get through the story of Final Fantasy X, you’ll probably be able to get in a couple rounds of Tekken Tag Tournament on your iPhone at least. Let’s explore your options.

Can You Play PS2 Games on an iPhone?

1. Play! PS2 Emulator

At this time, the only viable choice for a PS2 emulator on iPhone is the Play! emulator. However, the app isn’t currently signed, so even those with the capability to sideload may have trouble playing it on their device. While this is unfortunate, it’s the only thing close to a viable solution for those looking to play PS2 games on their iPhone. You should also be aware that not every game is going to be compatible with this emulator, so check here to see what you can run with it.

Play PS2 web browser emulator

For those who really want to play PlayStation 2 games on their iPhone, there is the option to use the JavaScript version of Play!, known as Play!.js, which is available here. It’s really more of a test than something truly tangible, but if you have any ISO, CSO, BIN, ELF, or CHD files, you may be good to go (the JavaScript version doesn’t play everything, either).

Unfortunately, this is really going to be your only option right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some Sony gaming while you wait for developers to get a PS2 emulator moving.

2. RetroArch

Look—just wait, okay? Sooner or later a viable PS2 emulator will arrive on the App Store (hopefully), so if you’re unable to sideload or jailbreak, you’ll just have to be patient. In the meantime, RetroArch is available in the Apple App Store, and it has a ton of options when it comes to emulation, including the PSP and original PlayStation.

For those who don’t remember, the PSP was Sony’s handheld gaming device, and a good amount of PS2 games made it to the PSP in some facet or another. While it may not be the true-blue PS2 experience, I think it’s a great alternative until things really get moving. Our list of some of the best PSP games is sure to take you down memory lane. I think this is your best bet for the time being. I’ve already ranted numerous times about my admiration for RetroArch, so I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you need a gaming fix.

Now that Apple is allowing emulators in the App Store, a lot of good stuff is going to be coming soon. While we all wait with bated breath, there are still a lot of good options available to get your retro fix. You may also want to know about some of the best emulators currently available in the App Store.

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