5 Top-Rated Board Games on iOS You Must Play

I can be a bit of a gaming nerd, so when I’m presenting the best board games you have to play on iOS, I want to go a bit deeper than your typical game of Checkers. Considering the Apple App Store can supply a seemingly infinite number of games, it can get pretty hard to find what you want. Let me clear away some of the thicket by showing you my favorite board games available in the App Store.

1. Monopoly GO!

Right off the rip, why not start with a game responsible for breaking up families, destroying friendships, and demolishing small cities? Monopoly is the classic capitalist game that has you buying up every property on the board, and Monopoly GO! brings some new twists to an old classic.

Not only will you see your familiar favorites while playing the game (e.g., Community Chest, jail, and railroads), but new additions add exciting elements as well. While Monopoly purists may not enjoy the new additions (there is a classic version for $4.99), casual fans will likely enjoy the new co-op mini-games and daily tournaments. Bring a friend for this one, as Monopoly GO! is great for car rides or entertaining the kids during a long drive.

While the game does have in-app purchases and requires an internet connection, the main game is still free to play. Just make sure your family and friends are willing to talk after you buy all their property.

Find Monopoly GO! on the App Store. Requires iOS 13.3 or later. Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

2. Eight-Minute Empire

How are you going to create a list of board games without including something based on the classic RISK? While there is an official version of the global domination game, I wanted to take a look at Eight-Minute Empire from Acram Digital.

While I’m certain some board game enthusiasts will want my head for this, I’ve never been a fan of games that take hours to play. Fortunately, Eight-Minute Empire lets me get my global takeover fix without taking up a chunk of my day.

Available for 2-5 players, Eight-Minute Empire isn’t exactly like RISK but it’s great for those who can spend the $4.99 for some quick global domination action.

Eight-Minute Empire in the App Store. Requires iOS 13 or later. Available for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Vision Pro.

3. Bottom of the 9th

It’s almost summer as I’m writing this, which means I’m in the mood for summer activities, including some old-fashioned baseball. Bottom of the 9th is a faithful adaptation of the old card and dice game based around a pivotal moment in this classic sport. Featuring a creative cast of pitchers and hitters, this game from Handelabra Studios LLC features single-player, pass-and-play two-player as well as online play.

Bottom of the 9th features four levels of difficulty, six solo campaigns, and a manager challenge, which puts you in the driver’s seat toward leading your team to victory. While some may prefer an actual game of baseball, this is great for board—or card—game enthusiasts looking to get a fix with a classic game.

Find Bottom of the 9th on the Apple App Store. Requires iOS 10 or later. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Vision Pro.

4. Pokémon TCG Live

If you know my writing, you know I’m going to include a Pokémon game on this list. For those who collect Pokémon cards, did you know you can play a whole game based around those little pieces of cardboard? It’s true! There are rules and everything. Joking aside, I am a big fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and while some fans may not be fond of this client for a variety of reasons, it’s still one of the best ways to play the TCG while you’re on the move.

Pokémon TCG Live can be great for folks to get into the trading card game without breaking their wallet. While the client does have some issues, it’s still great for anyone who likes to play casually or is looking to learn the game. The Pokémon Company is also pretty good about giving out cards to help build competitive decks. However, you are likely to spend money sooner or later to get some better cards (which will require buying physical card packs and/or online codes).

Find Pokémon TCG Live in the App Store. Requires iOS 13.3 or later. Available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

5. Through the Ages

We’ve taken a look at a game based on the classic RISK, so why not a game based on the classic Civilization board game? While Through the Ages is also card-based and turn-driven, those who love the classic board game will no doubt enjoy this faithful homage.

Along with being able to go for solo runs and missions, the game also offers online play. So while this isn’t going to be the pass-and-play you may be looking for, the game does a good job of pairing you against opponents with the same skill level.

While fans of board games may enjoy the game, the $9.99 price tag might be a bit too steep for some. However, Through the Ages does offer an expansion pack featuring more cards and goodies, so there is some bang for your buck. It can be great for those looking for a casual game or even those who like to take a deep dive.

Access Through the Ages on the App Store. Requires iOS 11 or later. Available for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod, and Vision Pro.

Other Cool Board Games Worth Checking Out

To end this list, I also wanted to provide some links to some additional classic games as well, so feel free to check out some of your familiar favorites from the list below. I tried only going with free versions, although I’ll indicate when they cost money.

Note that the following games are available for iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, and Vision Pro.

  • Chess Play and Learn: (Chess.com’s official app). Requires iOS 15 or later.
  • The Game of Life: Costs $4.99 and requires iOS 8 or later.
  • Clue: Classic Edition: Costs $4.99 and requires iOS 8 or later.
  • Wurdian: A free-to-play version of Scrabble that features 2 to 4 players and online capabilities. Requires iOS 12 or later.
  • Fleet Battle: A free version of the classic Battleship game. Does have in-app purchases. Requires iOS 13 or later.
  • Trivia Quiz Knowledge: A free version of Trivial Pursuit. Requires iOS 13 or later.
  • Whoops!: Free game based around the classic Sorry! Requires iOS 8 or later.
  • UNO!: The official classic enemy-making game is free with in-app purchases. Requires iOS 12 or later.

There are millions of apps in the Apple App Store, with many focusing on board games. Whether it’s a familiar classic or something original, there are plenty for gaming fans to enjoy. Feel free to explore on your own to see what you find. You may also want to know the best puzzle games on YouTube Playables.

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