9 Top Action Games on YouTube Playables to Play Right Now

Text 9 Top Action Games on YouTube Playables to Play Right Now

While initially a perk for YouTube Premium subscribers, Playables is gradually becoming available to all users. There are currently 75+ games listed. They’re not necessarily unique, but I really like their accessibility. You can dive into and drop any available title without the need for third-party apps or extensions.

Some new users might find the numerous options overwhelming. To give you a solid starting point, here are some fun action games that are currently available on YouTube Playables.

Do You Need YouTube Premium for Playables?

As of writing, YouTube Playables is only available to free accounts in select markets. For the most part, guaranteed access is still limited to Premium users. YouTube says it’ll make the feature available to all markets for free in the coming weeks.

How To Use YouTube Playables?

On mobile, click the Explore icon on the upper-left corner of the screen and tap Playables in the side navigation pane. On browsers, scroll down to Explore in the side navigation pane and click Playables. You can also visit the Playables home page directly.

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Free users can try to bypass the paywall by clicking the links to these games, although the Playables homepage might still remain unavailable.

1. Scooter Xtreme 3D

Playing Scooter Game

If you love fast-paced racing games loaded with hidden tricks and tools, you might fancy Scooter Xtreme 3D. Racing against NPCs didn’t seem attractive at first. But after trying a few laps, I quickly realized that the game is far more challenging than it seems. Mastering stunts, collecting coins, and avoiding obstacles while trying to finish first takes quite some practice.

2. Alien Shooter

Playing Space Invaders

Alien Shooter takes inspiration from the beloved classic Space Invaders. It has a similar goal: defend your base against hordes of alien attackers, which progressively get faster and more aggressive. Precise movement and timing are the keys to winning. Perhaps the big difference is that Alien Shooter offers far more exciting graphics and effects. You won’t feel bored looking at a black-and-white screen.

3. Angry Birds Showdown

Playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds Showdown ditches the single-player campaign for a head-to-head battle. Unlike the original, you’ll sling birds against another player, both aiming to demolish the pigs’ structures first. This competitive twist adds a strategic layer.

Mastering the slingshot and each bird’s unique abilities remains crucial. But now, you must also adapt your strategy in real time based on your opponent’s actions. Exploiting weakened spots left by your rival’s birds can tip the scales and secure victory.

4. Bubble Pop Star

Playing Color Bubble Game

Bubble Pop Star offers a vibrant, engaging take on the popular retro game Puzzle Bobble. Just like the classic title, your goal is to shoot colored bubbles, forming clusters of three or more to make them burst. You can move on to the next level once you clear the board.

However, Bubble Pop Star boasts a twist: there are hundreds of unique levels. Each one presents fresh challenges and objectives, so you won’t get bored with the same gameplay.

5. Cannon Balls 3D

Playing Canonball Game 3D

Cannon Balls 3D brings a destructive twist to the classic puzzle games. Your goal is to hurl cannonballs onto unsteady structures strategically. To score more points, you must trigger chain reactions and take down more items while using less ammo. Since targets consist of various object types, from blocks of ice to sturdy bricks, each level demands a fresh plan.

6. Merge Heroes

Playing Merge Knight Game

Despite its name, Merge Heroes is a strategy defense game, not a one-on-one fighting game. The goal is to position your avatar in strategic spots where it can attack waves of goblins. Unlike the traditional hero gameplay, you won’t take damage. You can focus on analyzing the grid, keeping track of targets, and moving your avatar appropriately.

7. Running Pet Dec Room

Playing Temple Run But Cat

Running Pet Dec Room offers the same infinite runner experience as Subway Surfers. However, there’s a cute twist: you’re a cat. The goal is to navigate a generated environment riddled with traps and obstacles—likewise, the gameplay gets progressively faster and harder.

While mastering jumps, slides, and dodges remains central, the goal expands beyond just surviving the run. What makes this title unique is that you can use the coins you collect to unlock furniture and decorations for your avatar. Basically, you’d want to build a cozy home for your stray avatar.

8. Tomb of the Mask

Playing Maze Like Retro Game

Tomb of the Mask is a fast-paced, single-player arcade game that blends elements of endless runner games and mazes. You control an explorer venturing deep into a tomb. The mask grants you the ability to scale walls, but you have to keep moving; otherwise, your character will make random turns.

The challenge lies in surviving for as long as possible while descending. Dodge deadly spikes, outmaneuver enemies, and collect power-ups to boost your speed and abilities. Quick reflexes are the key to winning.

9. Merge Pirates

Playing Game Adding Ship Numbers

Merge Pirates revolves around position optimization. Think of it as a cross between Sudoku and Candy Crush. You must carefully arrange your ships based on their indicated number, forming clusters of three or more. Formations will add up to their total value. The game runs indefinitely and it only ends once you run out of space on the board.

For the more avid gamers, you can look into our list of iOS and iPadOS games. Not only can you play them offline, but they also offer far more extensive and immersive gameplay.

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