Apple iPad Sales Dip Slightly, But Remains King of Tablets in US (Q1 2024)

Apple’s iPads experienced an 8.8% sales decline in the US compared to the first quarter of 2023 (YoY), according to new data from Canalys. However, despite the dip, Apple still holds the top spot in the US tablet market with a commanding 50.8% market share.

While not exactly a growth story, it’s worth noting that Apple’s decline was milder compared to other major tablet manufacturers.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

  • Apple iPad Sales Decline: 8.8% (YoY)
  • Current Apple Market Share: 50.8%
  • Samsung Growth: 2% (YoY)
  • Samsung Market Share: 18.5%
  • Amazon Market Share: 16.5% (witnessed a 21.5% decline)
  • Microsoft Market Share: 2.7% (faced a 30.1% decline)
  • TCL Market Share: 4%

Analysts say that there has been slowdown in the tablet market overall, possibly due to competition from bigger smartphones and affordable laptops.

Apple might be looking at ways to reignite iPad sales, especially after their latest iPad Pro with M4 chipset; not just this, Apple has also unveiled Apple Intelligence at WWDC, its new built-in AI for the upcoming iPadOS 18.

This post is based entirely on research done by Apple World.Today, I couldn’t find any report by Canalys showing similar results. But here is a report by them talking about the global sales of tablets.

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