Is AppleCare Worth It for iPad in 2024?

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Purchasing an iPad is a big decision since there are so many different models available. However, you still have one big choice to make after purchasing the tablet. That is whether or not AppleCare is worth it for an iPad. The extended warranty comes with a pretty high price tag, but it also delivers peace of mind in the event that something happens to your new device.

How Much Does AppleCare for iPad Cost?

The cost of AppleCare varies quite a bit between models. AppleCare starts as low as $69, but it goes as high as $149. You can even choose to pay for AppleCare in a single payment, or monthly. However, it is significantly cheaper to pay for AppleCare upfront.

In addition to paying for AppleCare, you must also pay a $49 service fee for each instance of accidental damage. Defects and other warranty repairs do not incur a separate service fee. Below is a breakdown of the cost of AppleCare for the latest iPad models.

ModelPaid-in-Full PriceMonthly Price
iPad $69$3.49
iPad Air$79$3.99
iPad Mini$69$3.49
iPad Pro 11-inch$129$5.99
iPad Pro 12.9-inch$149$7.99

What Does AppleCare for iPad Cover?

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AppleCare covers a lot more than you probably realize. Of course, it covers anything that goes wrong with the iPad. This includes product defects, which is an inherent flaw in the device’s design. It even covers the iPad’s battery in the event that it fails.

More importantly, AppleCare covers accidental damage, like a cracked screen or the iPad getting wet. All you have to do is pay a $49 service fee for each incident of accidental damage. Finally, AppleCare coverage extends to your Apple-branded accessories, such as the charging cable, Pencil, and keyboard. These accessories have a $29 service fee for each incident of accidental damage.

Should You Get AppleCare for an iPad?

Whether or not you should get AppleCare comes down to what you use the iPad for. People who only use an iPad at their desk have very little risk compared to someone who travels with it a lot. It’s important to consider how you use the device on a daily basis, and whether you’ve broken devices in the past.

If you don’t plan on getting AppleCare, then a good case is a must. AppleCare covers a lot more than just accidental device damage. If you’ve invested in an Apple Pencil and a MagicKeyboard, then AppleCare becomes an even better value. People who aren’t tech-savvy will also appreciate the included priority access to customer support.

How to Get AppleCare Service for Your iPad

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There are two ways to get AppleCare for your iPad. The first is to purchase coverage at the same time you buy the device. The retailer can add the coverage at checkout, but be sure you are paying for AppleCare and not the store’s extended warranty coverage.

The next option is to get AppleCare after you’ve purchased the device. This is easily done through the device’s Settings app. However, you must purchase AppleCare within 60 days of buying the iPad. You will get the option to pay the entire amount for two years of coverage up-front, or to pay by the month.

In the event your iPad requires a repair, simply set up an appointment at a local Apple Store or authorized repair center. A local store can usually get the issue resolved or provide a replacement device on the spot. Alternatively, you can send the device to Apple; then they will expedite sending the device back when the repair is complete.

Alternatives to AppleCare for iPad

AppleCare isn’t the only option for iPad device protection, but it is the most convenient. Many people choose to purchase third-party warranty coverage for their electronic devices from companies such as SquareTrade. These plans are sometimes cheaper than AppleCare, and longer coverage is also available.

The downside is that you have to send the device in for repairs. Oftentimes, you will receive a check for the original purchase amount and be told to buy a new device. However, you would also have to purchase new warranty coverage. In contrast, you can take your iPad to an authorized repair center and have the problem resolved the same day with AppleCare.

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