The 5 Best Magic Keyboard Skins for Your iPad

Magic Keyboard skins with different designs and finishes

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a definite must-have for your iPad Air or Pro. While it’s still mainly a tablet accessory, a lot of people think it doubles as protection for the iPad’s screen and back panel. However, that’s not its intended purpose.

The Magic Keyboard is relatively pricey compared to other wireless keyboards—it only makes sense to invest in proper protection. Let’s dive into some of the best skins on the market.

Do You Need A Skin For Your Magic Keyboard?

For all its awesome features, the Magic Keyboard has one glaring weakness: its rubber-like exterior tends to chip off quickly even with normal use. Several users have reported that the Magic Keyboard’s edges frayed easily, despite exercising care and never bringing the device outdoors. Other Magic Keyboard users have noted that the keys get smudged easily or develop a shiny exterior after months of use.

These users in particular have been using the Magic Keyboard for several months to a little over a year.

Magic Keyboard with edges chipped off

Image credit: Reddit

Protecting your Magic Keyboard with a skin might be your best bet to maintain its pristine look and protect its components.

Best iPad Magic Keyboard Skins

1. dbrand

dbrand offers a range of Magic Keyboard skins in different finishes. The brand is a popular choice for users–other than their durability and lightweight material, dbrand’s skins leave little to no adhesive residue upon removal.

Their leather iPad skins remain a popular option for most users. However, the material tends to interfere with the connection between the tablet and the Magic Keyboard. That said, the company recommends using a non-leather skin on the keyboard for a more seamless experience.

dbrand iPad Magic Keyboard Cover in Leather

Image credit: dbrand

dbrand skins are available on their official website. You can choose from several designs and even have an option to add charger skins for your iPad accessories.

2. Fishskyn

Fishskyn stands out for its clean and minimalist designs. While the brand may not have that many options available for Magic Keyboard skins, previous buyers appreciate their fast delivery times, affordable prices, and quality workmanship.

3. DecalGirl

DecalGirl Magic Keyboard skin

Image credit: Reddit

The great thing about DecalGirl’s skins is that they include skins for the inside of the Magic Keyboard. This ensures that even the inside of your Magic Keyboard remains scratch- and smudge-free. DecalGirl’s designs also err on the side of youthful and funky, so you may opt to choose this brand if you want your device to stand out.

4. QSkinz

Formerly known as EasySkinz, this award-winning supplier of cases and wraps provides you with several protective options for your devices. Users have noted QSkinz’s quality materials, ease of installation, and excellent service. They ship worldwide, too.

5. Slickwraps

Slickwraps Magic Keyboard Skin

Image credit: Slickwraps

Slickwraps creates precision-fitted skins for your Magic Keyboard, with an array of finishes and designs. You can also customize a skin starting at $34, which allows you to use your images or artwork and add text. According to user review, Slickwraps skins leave a residue when you peel off the skin off, but it’s not something a little adhesive remover can’t fix.

Note that some skins may not have edge or side protection, so you’ll need to double-check with your chosen supplier for your purchase. Otherwise, it’s still best to exercise care when using your Magic Keyboard.

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