UTM PC Emulator Rejected by Apple App Store; Why? Because “PC Is Not a Console”

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Despite recent policy changes allowing retro console emulators, UTM, a well-known open-source emulator, was recently rejected from the App Store.

The core of the issue seems to be Apple’s definition. While UTM allows users to run PC software on their iOS devices, Apple argues that a PC is not a console. This excludes UTM from the recently relaxed App Store rules permitting console emulators like Delta or Folium.

The open-source app was submitted to the store, given the recent rule change that allows retro game console emulators, like Delta or Folium. App Review rejected UTM, deciding that a “PC is not a console.” What is more surprising is the fact that UTM says that Apple is also blocking the app from being listed in third-party app stores in the EU.

Adding another layer of confusion, UTM developers claim Apple is blocking the app from appearing in third-party app stores within the European Union. This goes against Rule 4.7 in Apple’s App Review Guidelines, which covers game emulators. The rule itself appears to be in dispute, as the Notarization Review Guidelines don’t list Rule 4.7 as applicable.

But there’s a glimmer of hope for iOS users who want PC emulation. UTM can still be obtained through alternative methods like sideloading, aka the process of installing apps outside the official Apple App Store. However, this approach requires some technical knowledge, so it’s not for everyone.

For Mac users, the news is quite the opposite. UTM remains available and downloadable directly from the Mac App Store.

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