watchOS 11 Brings Outdoor Workout Check-In to Apple Watch

Apple’s recent WWDC 2024 event unveiled new features for watchOS 11, including improved health and fitness insights, cycle tracking, and daily goal scheduling. Now, the “Check In” feature, originally introduced in iOS 17 Messages, is coming to the Apple Watch.

Previously, Check In allowed users to notify friends and family upon reaching a designated location. With watchOS 11, Check In extends its functionality to outdoor workouts.

The Apple Watch integration allows users to initiate Check In directly from the Workouts app. With a simple swipe right, you can notify chosen contacts before starting your workout. Upon completion, Check In automatically sends a “Finished” message.

But what if your workout takes an unexpected turn? Check-In has you covered. If you’re delayed or take a detour, it automatically sends a notification to your contacts. This notification includes your current location, the planned route, your iPhone’s battery level, and cellular signal strength.

For those who frequently work outdoors, watchOS 11 offers an additional layer of convenience. Check In reminders can be enabled within the Settings > Workouts menu. With this setting activated, you’ll receive automatic prompts to initiate Check In before every outdoor workout, so you don’t have to remember it every time.

The Check-In feature is currently part of the watchOS 11 developer beta. As with any beta software, Apple may refine or even remove the feature before the public release slated for this fall. We suggest not downloading the developer beta; it’s filled with bugs and may brick your device.

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