10 Best Tower Defense Games on iOS (2024)

Text 10 Best Tower Defense Games on iOS (2024)

Looking to enter the realm of intense battles and fend off waves of enemies? Well, you’re in the right place. I created this extensive list of the best tower defense games on iOS—it consists of various classic and newly introduced games. The best part is that most of them are free and have unlimited upgrades. Exciting, right?

Let’s check them out below.

Best Tower Defense Games on iOS

1. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower defense games on iOS. As someone who has spent countless hours playing this game, I can confidently say that Kingdom Rush offers one of the most engaging and challenging experiences ever.

Kingdom Rush

Speaking of gameplay, one key aspect is strategically placing your towers to maximize their effectiveness. Each level has a different objective and enemy path, so you must carefully consider where to put your towers. Try to cover the most ground and target the most enemies.

Kingdom Rush 1

Similarly, there are multiple towers, such as Basic Archer, Magic, and Artillery. To progress, you’ll need to adapt your strategy based on the type of enemies you encounter, such as goblins and hulking trolls, among other creatures.

Another exciting aspect of this game that I love is the powerful heroes that play a huge deal in every attack. They each have unique abilities and upgrades to give you an upper hand against the enemies.

2. Bloons TD6

Next up, we have Bloons TD6. It’s another incredibly popular game, not only for iOS users but across multiple platforms, too. The gameplay is straightforward here: your goal is to pop as many balloons as possible using a variety of monkey towers with different abilities.

Bloons TD6

A unique aspect of this game is the variety of towers available, such as dart monkeys, ninja monkeys, bomb shooters, and even magic-wielding monkeys. At each level, you can upgrade these monkeys to give them more speed, precision, and power on every attack.

Bloons TD6 1

If you’re just starting with your very first tower defense game, this app could be right up your alley. As you progress through the gameplay, you’ll encounter tougher balloons that are even harder to burst.

Moreover, you’ll never get bored of playing this game. I’d go so far as to say that it’s a bit addictive and can keep you hooked for hours.

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Let’s admit that we’ve all played Plants vs. Zombies at least once. If you haven’t, you can download it for free on your iOS devices. Similar to other tower defense games on this list, your objective is to defend your garden from waves of zombies using various plants with unique defensive and offensive abilities.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The name itself speaks that it’s you (Plants) versus the zombies. The game requires you to plant more plants to protect your garden, and for this, you’ll need sun, i.e., points. You can collect sun points and unlock new plants as you progress in the game further.

Plants vs. Zombies

Some of the plants you’ll get in this game are pea shooters, melon-pults, cherry bombs, etc. Each of these has its own weakness, while some are very powerful and produce maximum damage.

Each level will have something to keep you hooked. While during the day, you have zombies to deal with, at night, you have gravestones to stop your attack. Overall, it’s a good, simple game for newbie gamers to play on their iPhones.

4. Defense Zone 3

Defense Zone 3 is a visual masterpiece when we talk about the best Tower Defense games. You can download the HD or the Ultra HD version on your iOS devices to have the best experience.

Defense Zone 3 HD

This game’s objective is to place towers between enemy paths to prevent them from reaching their goal. However, a unique aspect of Defense Zone 3 is that the animated attacks, towers, and enemies are hyperrealistic. Some of the towers for defense are machine guns, cannons, and missile launchers.

Defense Zone 3

The game’s graphics and immersive sound will keep you hooked. However, beginners might have trouble getting the basics down as it’s a pretty complex game—expect some learning curve. However, once you get a hold of the strategic gameplay, there is no backing down. With each level, the difficulty is at its par, and with the right selection of weapons, you are in for a treat.

5. Dungeon Warfare 2

It’s another masterpiece and amongst my favorites—this is a treat for all tower defense gamers. Many believe that Dungeon Warfare 2 is much better than DW1, and I cannot agree more with this.  Not only do they have stunning graphics, but the entire gameplay is also well-crafted.

Dungeon Warfare 2

This isn’t your usual tower defense game where you can simply build towers and kill enemies. In this game, you act as a Dungeon Master or Lord, and you have to protect your lair from monsters that keep on coming at you until you kill them all.

Dungeon Warfare

The best part about this game is its gruesome arsenal. You’ll strategically deploy various traps, like menacing spikes, poisonous gas, and magic spells, to stop the enemies before they destroy your dungeon. There are 60+ levels with hundreds of upgrades.

The only downside is that the Dungeon Warfare series is a bit tougher than the other tower defense games on this list. It took me a few days to figure out its gameplay. Also, this isn’t available for free, and you need to pay a small amount to download it on your iOS devices.

6. Last Walpurgis

Last Walpurgis is specially designed for iPhone users to experience the most intense battle between witches and humans. Unlike other tower defense games, this game gives you the power to gather powerful witches from around the world and help them prevent their race from going extinct.

Last Walpurgis

Sounds incredible, right? The visuals are amazing, and the overall sound design makes it addictive. The game begins with a detailed intro from the Prophetic Witch, who’ll give you the responsibility to defend the Ward Stone, a stone that protects the witches. If the stone is destroyed, you lose.

Last Walpurgis 1

In every battle, every witch fights on their own. However, you can activate their ultimate skill or power up by tapping on them to destroy multiple enemies at once. In your journey, you have to gather as many witches as you can to build an army. There are over 30+ witches with their own unique abilities.

The storyline is highly compelling and almost feels like you are in a movie with spells, magic, and fierce battles. Although there are a few annoying ads, it’s free to download and play.

7. Infinitode 2

The objective of Infinitode 2 is to build and upgrade towers that will defend your character against waves of enemies. It might sound like any other tower defense game, but it actually has infinite playable maps, which you’ll unlock as you progress.

Infinitode 2

You start by selecting an available map. Afterward, you strategically place the towers in designated spots for maximum efficiency. Waves of enemies will spawn from one end and move toward your base. The towers will automatically attack the enemies.

Infinitode- Best Tower Defense games

You’ll earn multiple resources as you kill enemies, which you can use to upgrade your towers’ attributes, such as range and damage. You also have the opportunity to research new technologies to enhance your defenses.

One of the most unique parts of the game is Endless Mode. This model has a separate leaderboard, an endless research tree, and a 150% prize with each game. It’s incredible once you get the hang of the game and want to try out something more intense.

8. Isle of Arrows

Isle of Arrows is a more laid-back game—it’s perfect for newbies who are just starting out with tower defense games. Your goal is to protect the Compass Stone from the enemies by placing towers at different angles.

Isle of Arrows

The game takes place on an island, and you need to place tiles to build a path for the enemies. There are over 40 waves in each level, and you must clear them before moving on to the next. With every wave, you’ll get one gold coin, which you can save and use for upgrades and card skips.

Isle of Arrows 1

You can also view the timeline to check what’s ahead so that you can plan accordingly. You’ll encounter a variety of enemies throughout, such as Henchman, Scouts, etc. As you move further in the game, it becomes harder with enemies that are much more difficult to kill in one go.

However, with the right tower combinations in the correct paths, you might be able to master the game in no time.

9. Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders launched back in 2014, yet it continues to rank among the best iOS tower defense games. This app boasts exceptional graphics and a captivating plot that puts you in the shoes of alien defenders battling for their homeworld against human invaders.

Anomaly Defenders

Your mission is to protect your launchpad from the relentless human invaders. You can deploy a variety of towers and weapons at your disposal. Simply click on pre-placed launchpad locations to select your defensive arsenal.

Anomaly Defenders 1

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that your enemies will fire back at your towers and attempt to bring down your defenses. You’ll only find it in very few tower defense games. What’s more, is that it has a robust commerce system—you can repair towers and even sell them.

Anomaly Defenders is an in-depth game that demands you to be more active during the attacks instead of idly sitting by and watching towers destroy the enemies. This entire storyline makes it highly engaging and keeps you going for more.

10. 2112TD

2112TD is an absolute masterpiece. Once you start playing this game, you’ll spend hours without stopping. It boasts a captivating aesthetic, with well-designed weapons, characters, and a cohesive storyline. The game takes place in space where you are the commander with the mission to protect your base from enemies.

Source- YouTube

The game starts in the Pluto Observatory Outpost, where you can place your towers or weapons in designated places. The weapons you can deploy include machine guns, artillery, and airstrikes. Every enemy you take down gives you resources to upgrade your defenses, allowing you to adapt your strategy as threats evolve.

Similar to other iOS tower defense games, it also has a research laboratory, i.e., Research Tree, where you can develop new technology and upgrade weapons. You can customize your weapons based on your strategies.

Ultimately, the game is all about placing the right weapon and planning your attack before it reaches your base. Also, know when and how to repair your base as needed during fights.

There are hundreds of other tower defense games that are incredibly brilliant and have amazing storylines. However, these are some that I have personally played for 100+ hours in total, and it was all worth it. And don’t worry if you don’t find iOS tower defense games interesting—there are dozens of other good offline games that you can play on your iPhone and iPad.

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