Topographic Maps from Apple Watch Could Hit iPhones with iOS 18 Update

Apple Watch Topographic maps

It seems that Apple could be planning to bring some exciting changes to the upcoming iOS 18, and one of them includes bringing topographic maps, which are, so far, exclusive to the watchOS 10.

According to MacRumors, which reviewed the code for the new software update, the topographic maps, could be making their way to iOS 18, macOS 15, as well as visionOS 2, all of them are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024, slated to start on June 10 and run through June 14. As has been the case since the pandemic, it will also be a virtual event, but developers, select media, and students could attend the in-person event at Apple Park on the opening day.

Topographic Maps Could Be Coming to iOS 18, macOS 15, visionOS 2

If the leak turns out to be true, Apple could expand the feature across the iPhone, MacBook, and the Apple Vision Pro. Topographic maps on the Apple Watch help users see trails, elevations, and cool places during hiking or outdoor fun. Right now, this feature is expected to be spreading to more places in the United States. At the moment, no further details suggest a timeline regarding its availability in other regions, but once this kicks off in the U.S., we might expect it to roll out gradually.

Other than that, there’s one more update expected to roll out to the upcoming iOS 18, according to the same publication, a string within the iOS 18’s code suggests something labeled as “CustomRouteCreation” which suggests that the ability to pick your own routes could also be a thing in the upcoming iOS 18 update. Just so you know what it might turn out to be, it’s already available on competitors such as Google Maps which lets you plan custom routes so you can choose which roads you want to take while traveling from one point to another. Nevertheless, it has been one of the highly requested features on Apple Map for years, and again, it’s likely to hit the U.S. first.


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