Here’s Your First Look at How Apple Will Update Sealed iPhones to the Latest iOS


Apple was recently reported to use Presto, an indigenous system, to update sealed iPhones to the latest iOS version. The company plans to deploy this technology in its operations starting next month in the U.S., followed by nationwide implementation in the coming months. Now, a new report has surfaced, this time from a French publication iGen, which suggests that Presto could soon be introduced in France as well.

The initial report about Presto surfaced around October last year from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who once again proved accurate in his coverage. At that time, he described it as a “pad-like device,” but the alleged image reveals it resembles more of a box. Nevertheless, it performs the same function as previously suggested. Even then, he had mentioned that it would simply activate the device while it remains in the box, update it to the latest software, and then power it off.

Presto looks like a mid-sized box with small lockers designed to hold six iPhone boxes, at once. Next up, the markings are provided to ensure the boxes are positioned correctly for a MagSafe-like system, depending on their size. Although it takes about 20 seconds to position each box, the iPhone will update within 15 to 30 minutes. The iGen report also includes an image showing two Presto machines stacked one atop the other.

Apple Presto
Image Credit: iGen

This comes as a first-of-its-kind thing, especially for the consumers, because it’s going to save them quite some time, and also prevent them from running the outdated software. To provide context, one buying the iPhone 15 would generally boot up the device to iOS 17, which isn’t the latest firmware build and has undergone bug fixes via subsequent updates.

Other than that, this report also confirms that Apple might take Presto overseas earlier than expected and, the previous reports have suggested that Apple store executives have been putting it through the paces in select Apple Stores since the end of 2023.


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