Your Next iPhone May Run the Latest iOS Version Right Out of the Box

iOS 17 running on iPhone

Rumors have long suggested that Apple has been working on a system to update sealed iPhone units to the latest iOS version. Now, it appears the company is inching closer to bringing this innovative feature to Apple Stores. You might be wondering how Apple is doing so. Well, it’s thanks to a technology called “Presto within Apple.”

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Presto is a pad that can update an iPhone’s software wirelessly, even while it’s still in the box. He says it looks like “a metal cubby for shoes” and can charge the boxed iPhone using MagSafe and other wireless charging tech. Therefore, Presto can update the iPhone without requiring it to be taken out, so, this process can be carried out in Apple’s inventory rooms before the device reaches our hands. Thus, we might always have our iPhones updated to the latest iOS version very soon.

It Might Sound Like a First-World Thing, but It’s the Need of the Hour

There are generally two types of iOS updates that Apple pushes: major and minor updates. While the major updates often introduce a set of new features to iPhones, the minor ones address ongoing issues. However, both are equally necessary. That said, suppose you’re on the hunt for an iPhone 15, and at the time of its release, it ran iOS 17 out of the box. But the current iOS version is iOS 17.4.1, and over the months, developers have found and fixed several bugs that might have affected your device or made you run for help.

That’s why, the idea of shipping iPhones with the latest firmware build could be a success. Apple plans to introduce this system to its stores in the United States starting in April, with all stores across the nation expected to have it by early summer. The store executives have been reportedly putting the process through its paces in select Apple Stores since the end of 2023.


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