Heart Wrenching-Scratches and Reflective Screen Will Be a Thing of Past on iPhone 17


The latest round of rumors from the supply chain suggests that the iPhone 17 will feature a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective display that is better than the current Ceramic Shield Display.

iPhone 17 new stronger display

Leakster, Instant Digital took to the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo. As per the leaksters, the iPhone 17 will be “more scratch-resistant than you think.” Apple has apparently spent billions of dollars on developing coating equipment in Japan. The company has now handed over the technology to its supply chain partners in China. However, producing the newer glass in scale and testing could take much more time. In other words, the new glass will not make it on time for the iPhone 16.

Traditionally, Apple always flaunts its glass on keynotes and advertisements. In fact, it goes all the way and claims the Ceramic Shield on iPhone 15 is tougher than any smartphone glass. It is worth noting that Apple has partnered with Corning for the Ceramic Sheild, a marketing name for glass with ceramic coating.

If the leakster is to be believed, the new glass could be prone to finger-oil issues. Typically, AR or Anti-Reflective coatings last anywhere between 1-2 years. However, the life expectancy might fall, considering how often we use our iPhones. Once the coating depletes oil-looking markings appear on the edge of the display. I have noticed this on my friend’s MacBook Air. In fact, Apple went ahead and replaced the screens without asking any questions.

Apple’s Close Ties with Corning

Recently, Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 Ultra with Corning Armor display. It is designed to eliminate up to 75 percent reflection while offering better scratch resistance. Apple has close ties to Corning and has previously invested millions of dollars towards Corning’s research. And once the new glass is on offering, you will no longer need a third-party protective screen for iPhone.

There is a high chance that Apple is baking a technology that allows Anti-Reflective layer to stay on for the device lifetime. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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