How To Remove Background Objects With Clean Up Tool in iOS 18

Use Photos Clean Up Tool Remove Background Objects With a Tap

Whether you’re repurposing images for social media posts or simply decluttering casual travel photos, editing typically requires a clear background. You need to highlight the focal point of your images. While plenty of third-party apps can do the trick, Apple is simplifying the process. The revamped Photos app now comes with the Clean Up tool, a function driven by Apple Intelligence that lets you remove background objects fast.

How To Remove Background Objects With Clean Up Tool

Note icon NOTE
The Clean Up tool is different from the iOS 16 feature that lets you remove image backgrounds altogether.

Thanks to Apple Intelligence, the Photos app can now erase specific elements from images. Here’s how:

  1. Update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the latest OS versions available.

  2. Open the Photos app and tap the Edit icon. Note that the icon is different now—it should look like three horizontal volume sliders parallel to each other.

    Selfie Edit Photos

  3. Tap the Clean Up tool icon (it should look like an eraser) at the bottom of the screen.

    Clean Up Tool on iPhone

Features powered by Apple Intelligence are limited to Apple Silicon iPad, Apple Silicon Mac, and A17 iPhone. You can still enjoy the redesigned Photos app, of course. It’ll categorize subjects in images and videos with more accuracy, plus it also recognizes the individuals in group photos. However, you can’t use Clean Up yet.

If you’re not yet ready to invest in new hardware, your best bet is to explore retouch apps on your iPhone instead.

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