Users Can Now Create AI-Generated Music on Their iPhones

Suno, a developer of AI music generation tools, has launched its mobile app on the App Store for iPhones in the United States. The app lets users create full songs based on text descriptions or their own audio input.

Suno uses AI to convert user prompts or sounds into complete musical compositions. Users can provide a textual description of their desired song by specifying genre, mood, or lyrical themes.

Users can also hum a melody or provide a short audio sample. Depending on their preference, the app then generates a full song with vocals, lyrics, or instrumental tracks.

Currently, the app is only available for download on iPhones in the US. Suno has announced plans to expand to other regions and launch an Android version in the future. The base app is free to download, but creating music requires in-app purchases for the Pro and Premier plans.

Begin your musical journey with 50 free credits per day on the Basic Plan, or select from the following subscription options to make more music:

  • • 1 month Pro Plan – $10/month, billed monthly
  • • 1 month Premier Plan – $30/month, billed monthly
  • • 1 year Pro Plan – $96/year (20% off monthly), billed annually
  • • 1 year Premier Plan – $289/year (20% off monthly), billed annually

Suno emphasizes that its app is intended as a creative tool, not a replacement for human musicians. The company states that its focus lies in offering new avenues for musical exploration.

It’s funny because you can now generate AI music on iPhones before you can compose AI-generated emails and text messages.

You can download it here.

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