Apple’s “Secret” Monopoly

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Will Oremus wrote an essay on Medium in which he argues that Apple is a monopoly, specifically when it comes to the App Store. I think a few good arguments could be made in support of this accusation. But my opinion lies with this quote:

Apple’s platform is significantly less open than Google’s: Unlike its rival, Apple doesn’t allow any app stores on the iPhone other than its own, and it doesn’t allow users to “sideload” apps downloaded from the web or elsewhere. The company says its goal is to ensure users can trust every app they download; allowing unapproved apps could expose users to privacy violations or malware.

The App Store isn’t perfect, but I believe it contains far fewer malware than Google’s Play Store. Apple’s restrictions also make it better for privacy, and thus better for people. I think price is a better argument than the walled garden. Or, I at least have more sympathy for indie developers rather than billion-dollar competitors to Apple.

Universal App Purchases Coming to iOS, macOS

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Starting in March 2020, universal app purchases are coming to iOS and macOS. Apps bought on one platform will be unlocked on the other.

The ‘Cult’ of Apple, Ranking No. 6 on an Evil List

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Apple Logo

Writing for Slate, Cory Doctorow criticizes Apple, calling its customers a cult and Apple a monopoly. I don’t plan to pick apart his article and defend Apple, but I do particularly disagree with this quote:

When it comes to Apple, even if you’re paying for the product, you’re still the product: sold to app programmers as a captive market, or gouged on parts and service by official Apple depots.

I guess consumers can’t do anything right. Not only are we a cult, but we don’t even have the power of the free market, instead we’re “sold” to developers.

5 of My Favorite Apps and Games of 2019

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Andrew compiled a list of his favorite apps and games he used in 2019: Stardew Valley, Chronicle, Paprika 3, Jumbo, and Lockdown.

Apple Announces Best Apps and Games of 2019

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Apple Best Apps 2019

Apple unveiled the best Apps and Games of 2019, including an Ai-powered camera tool, a sketching app for the iPad, and a wide range of games.

After CDC Report Apple Removes 181 Vaping Apps

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A recent report from the CDC showed that 42 people have died from vaping-related lung illnesses. Now, Apple has removed all 181 vaping apps.