Top 10 Must-Play Games on YouTube Playables

Top 10 Must Play Games on YouTube Playables

YouTube has released over 70 games on YouTube Playables, and you can access these via the website in your browser or on the iOS/iPadOS app. You’ll find a handful of variations from titles you already love, such as Angry Birds and Solitaire. However, there are also numerous original games. And yes, all of them are free. 

Top 10 Must-Play Games on YouTube Playables

1. Angry Birds Showdown

angry birds showdown on a mac

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular video games of all time since it was initially released in 2009, and Angry Birds Showdown is a must-play for any fan of this title. When playing the game, you’ll get pitted against someone else and need to destroy all of their pigs. 

Both teams start with seven pigs each, and you can destroy these via a slingshot. The game is quite intuitive, making it the perfect choice for beginners. If you like easy-to-play games, you should also check out these fun games that you can play on your Mac without a mouse

2. Bubble Pop Star

Bubble Pop Star Game on Mac

Bubble Pop Star is very similar to Candy Crush and other games where you have to destroy rows to level up. When playing the game, you’ll have different-colored bubbles that you can shoot upwards. If the bubble is the same color as what it hits, it’ll pop. However, if it isn’t, the bubble will stay on the screen and you’ll have a bigger task on your hands. 

When playing Bubble Pop Star, you can alternate between your current bubble and the next one available. If you see an opportunity to remove some rows, this feature is very useful. After clearing the screen, you’ll advance to the next level. You only have 25 hits to progress, and if you run out of these, you’ll have to try again. 

Note icon NOTE
Bubble Pop Star and some of the other games in YouTube Playables are optimized for smartphone screens. However, you can still play them on your computer without too many problems. The only real difference is that they won’t consume as much screen space. 

3. Free Kick Football

free kick football game on mac

If you’re a soccer fan, Free Kick Football will remind you of the many games that were available on websites like Miniclip in the 2000s. You’ve probably already guessed what you needed to do by the name of the title; you need to score with a free kick to keep playing. Depending on the strike, and whether you hit one of the points areas in the goal, you can get extra points. 

The game starts without a goalkeeper, but after the first few rounds, you soon have to score against a shot-stopper. You have three lives, and if you run out of these, the game ends. You can choose how much power you want when kicking the ball, and if you need to, you can also add some swerve to ensure that your shot beats the ‘keeper. 

4. Jewels Planet

jewels planet game on youtube

Jewels Planet is very similar to Bubble Pop Star; if you match multiple colors, you’ll remove them from your screen. But rather than shooting at them, you need to swap different jewels around on the board. You have 20 moves on each level to progress, and if you don’t beat the designated score within this allowance, you won’t be able to move on to the next level. 

Some add-ons are available if you have enough coins. For example, you can use an arrow to remove everything along a row. However, you should use these sparingly and – ideally – toward the game’s later levels. 

You can move your jewels up, down, left, or right. Moves only count when you clear a set of jewels from the board. 

5. Alien Shooter

alien shooter youtube playables

Alien Shooter is one of the all-time arcade classics, and you’ll find it in YouTube Playables if you still have a love for the game. Like Jewels Planet, the game was developed by Unity. Your objective in the game is, as the title suggests, to shoot all of the aliens on your screen. However, you must also dodge missiles. It starts relatively easy but gets more difficult as the game progresses. 

After shooting all of the aliens on your screen, you’ll progress to the next level. If a rocket hits you, you’ll automatically lose. Different unlockables become available as you progress through the game. 

6. youtube playables is a game where your goal is to take over the entire world. Opposing armies will fight back against you, and you’ll need to choose which direction you shoot in. If you overcome the army in a particular place, you’ll capture that spot for yourself. 

However, even once you’ve been captured somewhere, you must still defend your territory. You can opt for troops in multiple places to attack one area if they’re showing particular aggression, so this game is very strategic. 

7. 8 Ball Billards Classic

8 ball on youtube playables

If you’re into pool, 8 Ball Billards Classic is another game worth playing on YouTube. You can choose whether you want to play against the computer or test your skills against other players online. The game lets you use your trackpad to move the cue in your preferred direction. Once you’ve done that, you can pick how much power you’d like to have. 

The rules of 8 Ball Billards Classic are identical to playing pool in real life, so if you already have knowledge from playing with your friends, that’ll translate well into this game. If you later want to try games from different platforms, consider learning how to use Apple’s Game Mode in macOS Sonoma

8. Daily Solitaire

solitaire game on youtube playables

If you’ve been on the internet since its early days, you’ll probably remember solitaire at least existing on your PC. Even now, it’s still pretty popular – and on YouTube Playables, you can play Daily Solitaire if you’d like to add some nostalgia to your life. 

Daily Solitaire has a new deck each day, each of which has different scores and bonus scores. The remaining rules work like what you normally encounter in Solitaire. 

9. Emoji Puzzle

youtube playables emoji puzzle game

Emoji Puzzle is a fun game that requires you to match different related emojis. For example, if you see an umbrella, you might need to match it with a rain cloud. After matching all of the emojis on your screen, you’ll then progress to the next level. 

If you’re looking for a simple-to-play game that you’ll probably do well in, Emoji Puzzle is a great choice. It has four levels to complete, and doing so shouldn’t take you a huge amount of time. 

10. Ludo Karts 

ludo karts on youtube playables

Ludo Karts is a dice game and is playable with up to four players. You can choose your character for the game and it works similarly to the Ludo board game, only that it’s themed with cars. It’s one of two Ludo games available on YouTube Playables. 

After rolling the dice, you’ll then move one of your characters forward on the board. Each player gets four pieces, and to win, you need to move all of these around the board. It’s purely a game of chance, so you’ll enjoy it if that’s your preference. 

YouTube Playables has plenty of fun free games available, and these 10 are an excellent starting point. You can enjoy all types of games, from dice to classic shooters and strategy games. While some of the games are optimized for mobile, you can still play them on your computer if you’d prefer. 

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