Not everyone has the luxury of broadband access capable of streaming Netflix. For these 2.7 million Americans, Netflix DVDs are a savior. But it’s not just rural folks.

“People assume that our customers must either be super seniors or folks that live in the boonies with no internet access,” [Netflix spokeswoman Annie Jung] says. “Actually, our biggest hot spots are the coasts, like the Bay Area and New York.”

”Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.” Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Check It Out: 2.7 Million Americans Still Get Netflix DVDs in the Mail

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  1. JayNelson

    For us, it’s not about streaming or not, it’s about quality. A blu-ray disc almost always has superior video and audio that we can see and hear on our home theater system. So, when we watch an important movie, we try to watch it on blu-ray disc. (Tip: never underestimate the importance of audio cues in a movie — with blu-ray audio, my brain believes I’m more “there”.)

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