Digital fashion is a real and growing business. Vogue Business reported on the growing popularity of digital clothing lines, which are powered by 3D modeling. Scandinavian retailer Carlings released its first digital clothing collection in November 2018.  It included 19 limited-edition genderless, sizeless pieces that cost between €10 and €30. It sold out in a week.

The concept might seem outlandish, but gamers have been spending real money on digital fashion items for years. Glu Mobile’s Covet Fashion game lets players style models with digitally rendered designer clothing and accessories. It brought in $53.4 million in sales last year (a portion of which is from advertising)…But as people live and display more of their lives online — coupled with growing concerns about sustainability — digital clothing has the potential to expand well beyond gaming.

Check It Out: Customers Are Buying-In To Digital Fashion

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  1. TitanTiger

    This is the decadence of western capitalism in a nutshell. We have nothing else more worthwhile to spend our money on than to buy fake clothes to put on us in fake photos to impress our stupid friends.

    PT Barnum was a prophet.

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