Indie Games Developers Raise Apple Arcade Concerns

Users are excited about Apple Arcade – the company’s forthcoming games subscription service. While some indie game developers are excited at the prospect of being part of the service, Fast Company reported others had serious concerns. Either way, Apple Arcade’s launch is going to be a critical moment for indie games makers.

But not everyone’s convinced that subscription services will be a boon for developers. If these services become the predominant way that people play games, some independent creators say the result will be a new race to the bottom, in which game makers compete for a shrinking pool of revenue. “With a whole new model of selling video games like this, it comes with a whole bunch of potential ways that it can be bad for smaller developers and independent developers,” says Mike Rose, the founder of the independent game publisher No More Robots.

Check It Out: Indie Games Developers Raise Apple Arcade Concerns

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