Some 2018 iPad Pros were shipped with a slight bend in their aluminium chassis. However, Apple told The Verge that this is not a defect. The company said it is a side effect of the manufacturing process. Apple insisted that the issue will not get worse over time, or have a negative effect on the device’s performance.

It’s an issue that seems to be more pronounced on the LTE model, as there’s a plastic strip that breaks up the iPad’s flat aluminum sides; it’s where the antenna line divides two sections of metal that some users have noticed a bend. Apple did not say the perceived flaw is strictly limited to the cellular iPad Pro, however, and some buyers of the Wi-Fi model also claim to have encountered it. Even if only cosmetic, the issue is out of character for Apple, which has rooted its reputation in manufacturing devices with best-in-industry fit and finish

Check It Out: Some 2018 iPad Pros are Shipped Bent but Apple said that’s Normal

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  1. FCompton

    Never would have thought that I would have seen this come out of Apple. We got so used to Steve Jobs expecting perfection, that we also began to expect perfection…and not excuses.

  2. Old UNIX Guy

    Hey Apple,

    It’s a DEFECT! It’s not normal, nor acceptable … just like your arrogant, out of touch response to this PROBLEM with your product!

    Have you become so arrogant that you think everything you do is perfect? Kind of reminds me of a certain delusional egomaniac with a laughable combover…

    Old UNIX Guy

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