Digital Trends has compiled a list of 20 iPhone camera apps. “Whether you’re looking for a new way to shoot, edit, or organize your photos, these camera apps are here to help. Turning a boring shot of your feline companion into a masterpiece has never been easy.” Oddly, a very good camera app that specializes in low light photography was omitted, NightCap Camera, so I’ll add it here as #21.

Check It Out: 21 of The Best Camera Apps for The iPhone

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  1. Manqueman

    What I use FWIW:

    Fast + easy: Camera.

    Raw and manual: Halide. (Obscura’s an alternative for this; I’m not fully comfortable with either.)

    Straight to Bokeh effect: Focos.

    Straight to an analog look: Feelca D. (There’s also 1967, a cheap filter app for the analog look.)

  2. Lee Dronick

    “We know you would never, ever record vertical video on your iPhone. But for your friends that might do it by accident, Horizon Camera offers a viable solution. Horizon simply forces your phone to record in landscape mode, keeping the feed horizontal even while rotating the phone itself. ”

    I often shoot video in portrait mode because sometimes it is the safest and or easiest way to hold the iPhone. Of course the designers of the iPhone would never think of including a way for the user to rotate the camera instead of the iPhone.

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