3D Printed Heads Couldn’t Spoof Face ID

Thomas Brewster 3D printed a head and found that it couldn’t spoof Face ID. However it did fool four popular Android phones.

For our tests, we used my own real-life head to register for facial recognition across five phones. An iPhone X and four Android devices: an LG G7 ThinQ, a Samsung S9, a Samsung Note 8 and a OnePlus 6. I then held up my fake head to the devices to see if the device would unlock. For all four Android phones, the spoof face was able to open the phone, though with differing degrees of ease. The iPhone X was the only one to never be fooled.

It seems that facial recognition features on Android were added for user convenience. While Face ID is convenient too, it’s also an actual security measure.

Check It Out: 3D Printed Heads Couldn’t Spoof Face ID

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