Don’t Be Fooled By The 5G Hype Train

Carriers insist that 2020 will be the year of 5G. Apple says it won’t have 5G iPhones until 2020. But it’s going to take years for widespread rollout.

The industry is doing its best to hype 5G up as The Next Big Thing™, but 5G hardware in 2019 is going to be a decidedly first-generation affair. Early adopters for 5G will have to accept all manner of tradeoffs. And when there might not even be 5G reception in your area, it might be better to just wait the whole thing out for a year or two.

4G LTE will remain the dominant spectrum for a long time. There are a lot of problems with 5G millimeter-wave broadband, and my opinion is that we won’t see America fully 5G until 2030 or so.

Check It Out: Don’t Be Fooled By The 5G Hype Train

One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled By The 5G Hype Train

  • Ahh Baloney, Apple is ALWAYS behind the technology curve forcing these pathetic FUD spins by the clones. ONE YEAR from now is the rollout – but if you think 4g will be the standard until 2030 – you’re on crack. Is 4k hype? Apple was late on that. Was DVD hype? Apple was late with the Superdrive. Stylus for pads? Late. Thin phones with tiny bezels – copied after Samsung had ’em – I could go on but the clones will lap up anything Apple says so what’s the point? Soon Apple will announce flexible phones – yawn – already out via LG and Samsung.

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