6 Ways to Increase Your Online Security in 2019

Elissa Redmiles offers six helpful tips to help you increase your online security in 2019. Things like setting boundaries, filter bubbles, and password managers make the list.

As part of my research, I’ve recently been speaking with a number of sex workers in Europe about their digital security and privacy. One consistent thing I’ve heard from them is, “The best way to stay safe is to set boundaries.” Decide – on your own, and in advance – what data you’re willing to share with apps and online services, and stick to those limits.

Knowing how to set boundaries when it comes to your data is the best advice in my opinion. Tools like password managers and VPNs only take you so far. As the saying goes, real change comes from within.

Check It Out: 6 Ways to Increase Your Online Security in 2019

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