Sony’s latest bid in the smart watch space is the wena range. It includes a smart wrist strap that works with mechanical watches and smart modules too. Smart straps have not been hugely successful thus far, with payments being a potential saving grace for the technology. However,  the price of this particular model could be a hurdle. As a review in Wired noted, the strap alone costs as a much as an Apple Watch Series 4.

The wena wrist pro strap costs £399, which, bafflingly, is the same price as an Apple Watch Series 4 (and way more than a £279 Series 3). The bundles with the watch modules cost from £499 to £849 though Matt Oakley, who handles Sony Europe’s new business development, says that he expects that the majority of sales will be strap only.

Check It Out: A Sony Smart Watch Strap That Costs as Much as an Apple Watch

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