Twelve South’s AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

AirFly Pro is a wireless headphone adapter that plugs into a headphone jack to let you use your Bluetooth headphones on devices that don’t support Bluetooth, like the Nintendo Switch.

AirFly Pro works with most popular wireless headphones and earbuds. Even when you pair two sets of headphones with AirFly Pro, you can use any combination of wireless headphone brands. You connect your wireless headphones to this little splitter pretty much the same way you would pair your favorite headphones with any other wireless devices, such as your iPhone.

You can pick one up starting at US$54.99.

Check It Out: Twelve South’s AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

One thought on “Twelve South’s AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

  • I mean no disrespect to the author, and I really like the industrial design of Twelve South’s stuff (I have one of their stands, a case etc).

    But…I’ve been using a BT dongle receiver with exactly the same functionality for years, at a fraction of this price. I’ve never had problems with dropouts or audio quality – I suspect a great many of these devices use a common chipset.

    I actually prefer the design of the one I have to the 12South one, as instead of a short fixed cable, it has a solid double-ended (2x 3.55mm plugs) connector so using it in a rental car or on an airplane, it isn’t swinging about. Or you can remove the solid connector and use a simple audio cable with 3.5mm ends to place the receiver anywhere.

    Not trying to be “that guy”, but can’t quite see what the 4X higher cost gets a person?

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