Twelve South Introduces BookBook iPad Keyboard Case

BookBook Cover is a new product from Twelve South that combines its genuine leather case with a keyboard for iPads. BookBook looks like a vintage book. But the big story is the level of protection it delivers. Inside, soft micro-suede protects the iPad surface. Outside, hardback book covers with reinforced corners and a crush-proof spine protect iPad from drops, dings and other hazards. Dual-zippers let you charge iPad while keeping the case closed. As a bonus, BookBook disguises your iPad, keeping it hidden from from itchy fingers even when it’s in plain sight. You can pick one up for US$69.99.

A Curved Laptop Stand is Twelve South’s Newest Product

Twelve South just announced its newest product: A metal, one-piece curved laptop stand called Curve SE. It’s a white (or black), minimalist stand that matches well with Apple’s aesthetic. It has a fixed height of 6.5-inches, which the company says is an ergonomic standard.

Desktop accessories – especially MacBook stands – are inherently home decor. They should match your room, your style, your desk and complement (not copy) your MacBook. Our latest solution, while deceptively simple, is a beautiful matte white MacBook stand we call Curve SE.

You can buy the Curve SE stand for US$59.99.

Twelve South Launches AirPods Pro Case ‘AirSnap Pro’

Available for US$39.99, Twelve South announced pre-orders will begin for its AirPods Pro case called AirSnap Pro. It’s expected to start shipping the week of December 30, 2019. The case is made of leather and comes with a removable clip to attach it to your backpack, purse, or attack keys to it.

Meticulously made of premium top-grain leather, this little leather AirPods cocoon has a metal snap to keep the case closed and your expensive AirPods Pro Wireless Charger safely inside. AirSnap Pro gives you three ways to keep your coveted AirPods Pro within reach. Use the included S-clip to attach AirSnap Pro to a backpack, purse or keychain. Remove the S-clip and carry AirSnap Pro in your pocket. Or, use the included wrist strap to hold your AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case on walks or runs.

Twelve South’s AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

AirFly Pro is a wireless headphone adapter that plugs into a headphone jack to let you use your Bluetooth headphones on devices that don’t support Bluetooth, like the Nintendo Switch.

AirFly Pro works with most popular wireless headphones and earbuds. Even when you pair two sets of headphones with AirFly Pro, you can use any combination of wireless headphone brands. You connect your wireless headphones to this little splitter pretty much the same way you would pair your favorite headphones with any other wireless devices, such as your iPhone.

You can pick one up starting at US$54.99.

Twelve South's StayGo is a New USB-C Hub

Twelve South has a lot of great tech gear, and today it’s releasing the StayGo USB-C hub. A lot of USB-C hubs are designed to be used with MacBooks. StayGo is desktop-friendly, which means the cords are long enough to tuck away behind your desk. But if you do use it with a MacBook is has a smaller travel cable that can be stored directly inside the device. It has Gigabit Ethernet to connect to super-fast wired networks and servers. The hub also has both SD and Micro SD card readers that can connect & download simultaneously, giving you an easy way to transfer high-resolution photos or 4K video for editing. Connections include 4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A 3.0 (x3), independent SD + Micro-SD card slots and 85W USB-C pass-thru power. You can buy it for US$99.99.

PlugBug Duo Adds 2 USB Power Ports to Your MacBook Charger

Twelve South just expanded its PlugBug lineup with the new PlugBug Duo. It’s a replacement for the outlet plug on your MacBook and MacBook Pro MagSafe or USB C charger that includes two USB-A ports for powering up other devices like your iPhone and iPad. The USB ports offer 12 W for charging, and the PlugBug includes five adapters so you can use it in more than 150 countries. The PlugBug Duo is available on the Twelve South website for US$49.99.

Twelve South Intros AirFly Bluetooth to 3.5mm for AirPods

Twelve South is aiming to make your AirPods more versatile with its new AirFly Bluetooth to 3.5 mm adapter. AirFly lets you link your AirPods to wired-only connections, like in-flight entertainment systems on planes, or treadmills at the gym. The battery lasts eight hours between charges, so you can get through more than one movie on a flight. AirFly is priced at US$39.99 and is available at the Twelve South website, Amazon, along with InMotion stores and Best Buy kiosks in airports.

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