AirPods and the Future of Audio AR

Daniel Dilger wrote an interesting article about AirPods and audio AR. While we didn’t see new AirPods at today’s event, they could be a key component of Apple’s AR ambitions.

The best AR implementations exist in various forms that remain captivating for long periods of time, works virtually anywhere and across an installed base of nearly a billion iOS devices, has immediacy practical applications in the enterprise, and which a broad swath of people will actually pay something to use.

I could’ve sworn I once read a quote from Tim Cook saying that he didn’t see AirPods as AR wearables per se, but I can’t find it. In any case though, I’ve been thinking along similar lines as Mr. Dilger. AirPods, Apple Watch, and the rumored Apple Glasses would all work together to form a more intimate mobile experience.

Check It Out: AirPods and the Future of Audio AR

2 thoughts on “AirPods and the Future of Audio AR

  • Don’t expect Adobe to make any tools for Audio AR. Adobe is seriously full of hate for audio on the internet and mobile apps. Their new Project Aero contains absolutely no capabilities for sound and will most likely self-destruct if you try to add audio via a third-party app.

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