Apple’s AirPods captured 60% of the true wireless in-ear headphone market in the last quarter of 2018. That’s according to a new report by CounterPoint. North America was the largest market for such devices, followed by China. Apple’s strong position came despite increased competition and people awaiting a new model of the headphones. 9to5Mac noted that Apple had previously been found to be the preferred brand for wireless headphones, despite some reservations from users about sound quality.

The company says this is particularly impressive in the light of two factors…there was increased competition from other players in the same price band…[and]many were waiting for the release of the second-generation model launched earlier this month. This offers wireless charging, faster pairing and hands-free Hey Siri. The company tracked 15 true wireless in-ear headphones brands in total, with Jabra taking second place and Samsung in third.


Check It Out: AirPods Captured 60% of Wireless In-Ear Headphone Market in Q4 2018

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  1. RonMacGuy

    I also love mine. My main issue is during the workday I’d love to keep them in all the time for when calls come in but I’m talking to employees throughout the day. So I keep them out and when a call comes in I have to stick them in.

  2. Lee Dronick

    I very much like my mine. The batteries are getting to the point where they won’t take a long charge so I am anxious for a new set. My Costco rewards cash is burning a hole in my pocket so I thought about using that; they are currently only offering the 1st generation, but it is $129.00

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