Akamai’s Edge DNS service experienced an issue at around 11AM ET with dozens of websites and apps getting knocked offline. At the time of this writing the outage has been resolved.

Akamai said it was “actively investigating the issue,” but when reached a spokesperson would not say if its outage was the cause of the disruption to other sites and services that are currently offline. Akamai would not say what caused the issue but that it was already in recovery.

Check It Out: Akamai DNS Outage Took Out Airbnb, LastPass, Steam, UPS, FedEx, Others

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    It is sad commentary on our current world state of affairs that one’s first thought might go to malicious attack, however that is where mine went.

    It will be a pleasant surprise if this proves to be nothing more than human error or a glitch in the system.

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