All U.S. Firefox Users Can Now Scroll Ad-Free And Guilt-Free

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Mozilla has expanded its partnership with Scroll, the service that lets you avoid adverts while still generating revenue for publishers. A service called Firefox Better Web With Scroll is now available to all U.S. users, Techcrunch reported. You can support your favorite sites even if you don’t want to look at ads.

Last year, Firefox turned on something called Enhanced Tracking Protection for all its users by default, blocking third-party cookies and crypto-mining. Scroll, meanwhile, is a startup that recently launched a subscription service allowing you to read sites like BuzzFeed News, Business Insider, Salon, Slate and Vox without ads, with the revenue split among the publishers that you’re actually visiting. Mozilla has already been working with Scroll to collect feedback on this approach from small groups of Firefox users… Now, anyone in the United States who’s interested in trying this out can sign up for a Firefox account and install the Scroll extension. They’ll need to pay for a Scroll subscription as well — the company’s currently charging an introductory price of $2.49 per month, with plans to eventually increase to $4.99.

Check It Out: All U.S. Firefox Users Can Now Scroll Ad-Free And Guilt-Free

One thought on “All U.S. Firefox Users Can Now Scroll Ad-Free And Guilt-Free

  • It isn’t the ads per se that are a problem with me. It is their intrusiveness, their in-your-face. Yes I understand they want to reach me, but ticking me off has the opposite effect. The MacObserver it pretty good, adds are not blocking content.

    Occasionally I get a Google ad when visiting via my iPad and that floats on the bottom of the screen. With a real small and not prominent X to close it.

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