How Twitch Helps Music Producers Connect With Fans

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Twitch is, of course, predominantly associated with gaming. However, DJ Mag found it is making increasing efforts to tie-up with the music industry too, particularly those who are producing dance and electronic music.

“We’ve seen non-gaming content on Twitch quadruple over the last three years, and we’re continuing to invest in new ways to grow and support this content,” Athena Koumis, a Music Partnerships Manager at Twitch who was hired in January 2020, tells DJ Mag. And that kind of content is getting more engagement from viewers, too… Many of the core characteristics underlying electronic music — percussive rhythms, repetitive hooks, vocal-free instrumentals and high-tech gear setups — make the genre particularly conducive to collaborations with gamers and game developers, and Twitch has frequently served as ground zero for these collaborations in the modern era.

Check It Out: How Twitch Helps Music Producers Connect With Fans

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