We have a monster portable battery for you, the AlsterPlus. It’s has a capacity of 27,000mAh, with two USB-C ports for charging even two MacBook Pros at one time. It also has two regular USB ports for charging other devices. This device is $179 through our deal.

Check It Out: This 27,000mAh Portable Battery Comes with a 2 USB-C Hub to Charge Multiple MacBook Pros at Once: $179

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  1. archimedes

    Can this also charge a Nintendo Switch? The Switch has a paltry 4.3 watt-hour battery, so it seems like the AlsterPlus could charge several Switch consoles on a single charge.

  2. archimedes

    Nice, but the “Charge Multiple MacBook Pros” title is somewhat misleading. Although you can fully charge multiple MacBook Pros (or is it MacBooks Pro?) when is plugged in, the 27 watt-hour battery can only charge a 13″ MacBook Pro to a bit less than 50%.

    • archimedes

      Oh actually I can’t edit this for some reason – it’s 100 watt-hours, so it will in fact charge multiple MBPs.

  3. MacHeritage

    This is a great deal! I funded and purchased the HyperJuice power bank (for the same price) which is similar but this AlsterPlus has an extra port and two full 100watt USB-C ports. Technically way better for only a few grams more in weight. I will be getting one of these too. Thanks Bryan!

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