Amazon is Launching Hi-Fidelity Music Service

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Amazon is set to launch a hi-fidelity music service to challenge TIDAL. It will cost $15 per month for this “better than CD quality” audio, Techcrunch reported.

The company’s investment in music not only allows for new revenue streams through advertising and subscriptions, it also provides a direct connection to Amazon’s smart speakers: its Echo line of devices. For consumers pinching pennies, the ad-supported service streaming over an Echo Dot may be good enough. But those who bought, say, a stereo pair of Echo Plus devices and an Echo Sub, may want a better-quality music subscription, too.

Check It Out: Amazon is Launching Hi-Fidelity Music Service

4 thoughts on “Amazon is Launching Hi-Fidelity Music Service

  • I wish it were Apple!!

    iTunes/Apple Music has been stuck at 256kbps AAC (“iTunes Plus”) since 2009.

    I’d be happy if Apple just delivered regular CD quality using Apple Lossless, which has been around for years.

    Well-mastered and recorded CDs sound great, and usually noticeably better than an AAC version. High resolution remasters might sound better than a CD, but they also might not. SACD never really caught on. Although early PS3 consoles can play them, even Sony dropped the format for later consoles, and the poor PS4 can’t even play regular CDs, though it can play music off USB media.

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