Analysis: Amazon’s Plans for a Family Robot

A sample family robot/guardian

Back in April, we learned that Amazon is working on a family robot. Now, LoupVentures  has gone into considerable detail in its analysis of this project. In part: “Amazon’s robot could open up new market opportunities. According to The Information, Amazon has considered offering home insurance. By having real-time monitoring of homes, the Amazon robot could monitor and notify a human in instances of theft, fire, or in-home hazards (i.e. an infant wondering near stairs), thereby mitigating the cost of a claim and lowering premiums. Lastly, Amazon has highlighted they want to deliver packages to your home when you are not there. We feel consumers would be more comfortable letting couriers into their homes if a robot could monitor the drop-off.” Are you ready?

Check It Out: Analysis: Amazon’s Plans for a Family Robot

2 thoughts on “Analysis: Amazon’s Plans for a Family Robot

  • The idea of getting a prefered insurance rate if you have a monitoring home robot is intriguing.
    Wait, it’s still Amazon. I might trust something like this from Apple or some other company, but Amazon, no. Heck, I try not to BUY anything from Amazon if I can help it.

  • “Danger, Will Robinson!

    “There’s an Amazon delivery man entering the house with a criminal history for armed robbery, felony assault, 5 DUIs…and he’s carrying knife in his right pocket.”

    Yep. I’ve lived long enough to see the future depicted in my childhood.

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