Here’s Why This Company Won’t Add ‘Sign In with Apple’

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Today is the deadline for developers to add Sign In with Apple to their apps. One company, AnyList, doesn’t want to add it and explained why.

After considering the merits of Sign in with Apple, we have decided not to support it. We understand that this may surprise some of our customers, so we’d like to explain in detail why we made this decision.

A couple arguments make sense, but I’m not buying some others. 1) I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how hard it is to add Sign In with Apple. 2) Saying iCloud isn’t “real email” is stupid. 3) AnyList removed its Facebook login, which is still a privacy-positive move even without adding Apple login.

Check It Out: Here’s Why This Company Won’t Add ‘Sign In with Apple’

One thought on “Here’s Why This Company Won’t Add ‘Sign In with Apple’

  • As todays token Devil’s Advocate, I want to say I read their whole statement and to be honest I can’t disagree with much of it. I don’t use Sign In With Apple. I’ve not found a good reason to put all my eggs in that one, as they pointed out, less than mature vulnerable basket.

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